Best Jazz Band in Fayetteville, N.C.

Jazz is cool. That is a fact. Water is wet, the sky is blue and jazz is the coolest music on the planet. Fayetteville has plenty of great talent for you to check out and the local community has told us who they think are the best acts around. We are proud to announce the winner of “Best Jazz Band in Fayetteville” for 2012.

The Fayetteville Community Voted BluesEnigma Band the Best Jazz Band in Fayetteville for 2012!

The BluesEnigma Band offers an eclectic mix of musical styles. Though their main sound is blues they fuse that with jazz, funk, and more. You can catch them band playing local shows throughout the community. If you are interested in talented artists playing great music, BluesEnigma Band is for you.

First Place – BluesEnigma Band – Facebook

Second Place – Essential Elements – Website
Third Place – Reggie Codrington - Website

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